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I hope you enjoyed looking at my images. I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a note.

- Bob Bailey
  • Stone Sinks

    on April 17, 2013

    Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation

  • Janeen

    on December 16, 2012

    Thanks, Bob, for taking such great fotos. The two that I selected for canvas for my parents' Chistmas gifts were a hit! These won't be the last!

  • 857514edboos

    on September 21, 2011


    The burrowing owls are fantastic. Cindy and I hope to be able to find them during the winter. Keep up the good work.


  • rick

    on July 7, 2011

    bob, these are fantastic! we enjoyed seeing you this weekend and some of the photos. talk to you soon.


  • 857514edboos

    on June 30, 2011


    These Yellowstone shots are all great, but Cindy and I particularly like the face photo of Obsidian bear. We got pictures of her on our last day there, but she was not nearly as close.


  • Janet Fikar

    on May 18, 2011

    Hi Bob,
    Just now getting a chance to look at your galleries. Wow, quite a collection! Everything is fantastic. It looks like you have some up from the Alligator Farm. Great shots of the cattle egret!. I am in the process of switching over to a new computer and haven't yet taken a closer look at mine. Anyway, fabulous site....keep them coming! Janet Fikar -- from the STL workshop.

  • Karen

    on May 2, 2011

    It was a pleasure talking to you on Sunday at J Chestnut Park. Your photos are stunning! I think we will be heading to Ft Desoto this weekend! Thanks for the tips

    Peace, love and wildlife....

  • Marion Galinso

    on December 17, 2010


    Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I will check back often to see what has been added. It looks like you have had an opportunity to travel to some great places too.



  • Allison

    on June 9, 2010

    Hey Bob, The site looks great and the pictures are fantastic! Allison

  • Debbie

    on April 1, 2010

    Hi Bob - it's me Debbie (Debbie & Glenn). Caught your Great Horned Owl pic with the chick onthe Ft De Soto FB site. We could not get out there last weekend, but will definitely try this weekend since there really is a chick! What time of the day did you get that shot?

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